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The Chartered Institute of Maanagement Specialist is a prestigious professional body with a history dating back to 1996, formerly (Academy of Management Specialist) established with the sole purpose of training, licensing and certifying of managers all over the globe.





The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist is approved "Chartered" by the Secretary of  State of The State of Delaware (Jeffrey W. Bullock) under Delaware Act, Title 6; Chapter 18 of the State of Delaware statues in the United States of America. 

Delaware State Authentication Code1028835


President's Message

Image result for Professor Michel GagneDelaware, the City of Dreaming Spires, is famous all over the world for its University and reputation in history of education. Since its name was established in 1776, Delaware has been a home to Royalty and Scholars.

 Currently, Delaware is a bustling cosmopolitan place with its ancient University and home to a growing research community. Many Centres of excellence are located in and around Delaware, whether on one of the Science and Business Park or housed at the colleges of the University.

With its mix of ancient and modern attributes, there is plenty for the members and graduates to do in state of Delaware. Whether it’s visiting one of the many historic buildings, colleges or museum, Delaware has it all.

I welcome you as a certified member and graduate of the Institute. I must congratulate you for choosing The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist as your professional body with the proven assurance well-known all over the world.

With warmest regards

Professor Michel Gagne FCIMS (Doctoral Fellow)
President, Chartered Institute of Management Specialist, USA.


CIMS 專業認證

行政管理專才認證 接受申請 

-  特許行政管理師 (CMS) 
   CIMS Chartered Management Specialist

人力資源管理專才認證 接受申請 

-  特許人力資源管理師 (CHRMS) 
   CIMS Chartered Human Resources Management Specialist

質量管理專才認證 接受申請 

-  特許質量管理師 (CQMS) 
   CIMS Chartered Quality Management Specialist



  • 專業知識:具備所屬業界專業知識、專業資格或認可學士學位
  • 領導才能:於公司具有領導地位或擔任管理職位
  • 領導績效:擁有傑出工作表現


  • 二十六歲或以上
  • 三年以上工作經驗
  • 在工商業界、學術界或其他專業界別中擔任相關管理職位


  • 參與評選者,可經他人推薦或自行報名
  • 填妥「CIMS專業資格認證及評選計劃」報名表格
  • 簽署後電郵至enquiry@proce-edu.com
  • 評審委員會將於三星期內對相關申請進行嚴謹審核
  • 通過審核程序後,參與評選者將於一星期內收到評審結果通知書

通過評審人士,可取得 Chartered Institute of Management Specialist 當中的專業證書及相關資格 (CMS/CHRM……),並可在名片及其他法律文件上使用及印上相關專業資格